Pressure Vessel Inspections require adherence to a specific procedure that leads up to successful completion of your pressurised equipment

  • We follow the procedure with you from contact through site meeting and inspection
  • We guide you if you are unfamiliar with procedure
  • We ensure that you have fully compliant pressure vessels
  • We provide you with all the documentation you need to prove it
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Our Procedure,
Your Company
We work within your procedural framework to complete your pressure vessel inspection
How we make pressure vessel certification easy.

How it works

What happens when we receive your enquiry about pressure vessel inspection? Where do we go from there? This is how it all works:

Confirmation of enquiry received.

  • You get a unique pressure vessel inspection quotation file number. We’ll use this as a reference in all communications with you from now on until the order is placed.
  • We save all quotations including those from trusted contractors who will perform extra services to help you in the file.
  • We submit all the details including those of outside contractors so that you can ask any questions that may arise.

On site visit

  • When necessary, we will visit your site to confirm exactly what the process will entail.
  • We will make all the necessary appointments, and will submit the projected costs you will have to cover in advance.

Pre-inspection actions

  • We send a reminder three weeks from the date of your receiving the quote. This helps us to know whether you are still interested in using our services.
  • When you place an order, your quotation file number is replaced with a job number.
  • We co-ordinate the process together with any outside contractors that must participate in order to provide you with a complete, legally compliant inspection.

External and internal inspection

  • Your order is executed quickly, efficiently and neatly.
  • When necessary, we orchestrate your inspection with external contractors who help with those parts of the service that we are not permitted to cover.

Legal compliance records

  • We leave you in possession of all the documents you need to show that a OHS/Mines Act compliant pressure vessel testing service has been completed.

Legal compliance records

  • We hand over a manually written invoice and create an electronic copy.
  • Payment is expected within the specified time according to our terms of service.
Photo of colourful ball-valve
The pipe line has to be inspected as part of the overhaul system.
Photo of typical heat exchange vessel
A typical heat exchange in a processing plant.
Photo of devastating pressure vessel accident
When things go wrong it can be devastating.
Photo of plastic pressure vessels
Plastic Pressure vessels.

Our Obligation To You

We work within your procedural framework. If you require vendor registration and issue vendor numbers, we will follow the required process, informing you of the full scope of our services so that your company can allocate matching material numbers for such items as:

  • Pressure testing vessels;
  • Pressure vessel inspections
  • Other pressure vessel-related services

Naturally, you will require a process to be followed thereafter, and that begins with your Request For Quotation (RFQ). We will process your request efficiently, attend site meetings, and return the necessary information on or before your stipulated due date.

Your Pressure Vessel Inspection or Pressure Vessel Preparation RFQ

Once we have completed your procedure for vendor registration and have received vendor registration and specific service (materials) provider numbers, we are ready to prepare your quotation on request.

We understand and acknowledge that we will take full responsibility for performance of third party AIA Inspection Services.

Your Site Meeting

We will undertake to be present at your site meeting to receive your full briefing regarding pressure vessel inspection at the appointed time and venue. Should you provide us with documentation detailing the extent and scope of work that is to be performed, we will duly be prepared to answer any questions you may have regarding our approach to the task at hand.

The briefing

Large concerns with complex plants are generally fully aware of what is required from us, and will stipulate this in detail including:

  • Required pressure vessel testing procedures
  • Detailed instructions regarding the handling of specific pressure vessels
  • Safety requirements and concerns

Occasionally, smaller firms, though aware of the need for pressure vessel testing and inspection for OHSA compliance, will not know how to proceed with the full briefing.

However, our many years of experience in the pressure vessel industry will equip us to extract the required information that will formulate your quotation and govern your pressure vessel inspection procedure so that it can be carried out safely and in full compliance with the law.

Your Pre-Inspection Form Quotation

Using our notes and your data from the site meeting, we compile a pre-inspection form indicating all the necessary tasks, and this is used to compile your comprehensive quotation when we return to our offices.

Should we be awarded the contract for pressure vessel inspection and certification, we are once again at your disposal for any final briefing you may wish to conduct prior to the inspection itself.

Photo of stainless steel medical pressure vessel
The difference of being tidy and caring for the equipment.
Photo of safety harness required for working at heights
Means of safely inspecting on some pressure vessels.
Photo of pressure vessel nameplate
Due to lack of maintenance the rot is setting in.
Photo of upright pressure vessel equipment
Keep things simple and approachable.

Six Simple Steps to Safe, Certified Pressure Vessels

Does the pressure vessel inspection process seem complicated to you? From your perspective, it’s really quite simple.

Step 1

Get in touch!

  • Use our contact form or call us.
  • Send us your request for quotation. We adapt to your purchasing procedure as needed.
  • Do you have any general pressure-vessel related enquiries? Feel free to call us, or mail us your enquiries.

Step 2

Initial site investigation meeting

We meet with you to discuss:

  • Site induction: Your inspection and safety requirements
  • Safety File: We make all our certifications available for your inspection
  • Site establishment: Where will we work and what infrastructure is available to support pressure vessel inspection?

Step 3

We prepare and submit your quote. If we are awarded the contract, we proceed to step four.

Step 4

We are ready to go! Now it’s time to conduct your pressure vessel inspection.

Step 5

We prepare and hand over your pressure vessel inspection certificate. Your vessel is now legally certified for the next three years.

Step 6

We provide you with an invoice, and you make payment.

Photo of pressure vessel accident scene
When things go wrong it can be devastating.
Photo of mask required before working in hazardous areas
Keep things simple and approachable
Photo of ordinary compressor
Compressor vessel

Safety is Second Nature to Us

Workplace safety is a hugely important aspect of work in today’s industries. You may be sure that if there is an incident or accident, an exhaustive investigation will be carried out. Will your company be able to stand up to scrutiny?

When it comes to pressure vessel inspection, we have everything you need to get the job done with minimal to no intervention on your part. A customized safety file will be created relating specifically to your pressure vessel inspection process.

This will include:

  • Your permit authorizing us to work on your premises
  • Site meeting and site establishment minutes
  • Our procedures including identification, license, plant cards, up to date medical reports, etc.
  • Hazardous Investigation and Risk Assessment (HIRA)
  • Safe work procedure planning documents including aspects such as fall protection plan, etc.
  • Our specific emergency plan
  • Registry of tools
  • Notification of construction work including planned use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Copies of any site-specific safety training completed
  • Conducting, recording and logging safety meetings
  • Your acceptance and approval of completed work

Although we may often feel that today’s safety requirements and the completion of supporting documentation are onerous, we all understand the need to prove that we have done everything in our power to protect personnel working in hazardous circumstances.

You may be confident that we will ensure that every aspect is addressed in your safety file, allowing you to contract us with absolute confidence.

Although we strive to keep all the relevant training we must undergo in order to complete our work within legal frameworks up to date, we are also willing to attend further training should it be required in your specific circumstances.

Rely on us for absolute safety and meticulous record-keeping. Safety and legal compliance are second nature to us!

Graphic indicating workplace safety importance
Avoid safety related audits, we can help.
Photo indicating process pressure
Gauge indicating process pressure.
Photo of upright pressure vessel equipment
Upright dryer that must be tested with nitrogen.

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